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  • The duration of the program is one year
  • We identify the children, who age between 9 and 18 years
  • The recommended minimum number of the children to start an SLP  group is 15
  • One group is taught by an SLP trained teacher
  • Children may be paid a monthly pocket money
  • Children are taught the custom designed curriculum specific to the program
  • The teachers are provided the particular program based training by the SLP trainers
  • The minimum attendance requirement for the children is 3 hours per day in the first 7 months and 4 hours per day in the later half of the year
  •  The children do not have to pay anything towards the cost for the program.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology in SLP is based on the fact that at 9 years plus children already know and use the most frequently used words and more importantly they know how to sound those words out …. It therefore follows that all we have to do is to teach the children the written identification of the sounds … otherwise known as letters of alphabet, Huroof-e-Tahjji and then the words made out of those letters.

Since they are already aware of the words, unconsciously fully aware of the use and basic underlying grammar, therefore they should be able to learn these two skills that are the identification by reading and ability to write very quickly.

The basic learning process achieves this within the first one month. The rest of the time is spent on practicing and vocabulary building, along with imbibing the Skills and aptitude for continuous learning.

The course focuses on building the vocabulary of the children by linking it to the concepts. These specific concepts help them in their learning about life. The course aims to create independent and free thinking minds who are self confident, tolerant and responsible.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is the key element of the program that helps identifying problems and weaknesses to design useful strategies for the program.

At SLP we have the quarterly evaluation plan that covers the following:

Course Evaluation

Teachers’ Evaluation

Students’ Evaluation


Teacher Training and Development Program  [TTDP]

The Teacher’s Training and Development Program [TTDP] aims at preparing the teachers who can deliver the objectives of the SLP, within the time frame of the program. Teachers training is aimed at creating independent minded, free thinking, creative, confident and tolerant teachers.

Teacher training entails:

  • A month of pre-job training that includes tutorials and on job training at SLP TTDP Centre
  • 12  months of in-service coaching
  • 8 weeks of training for English Program [if required]

Teacher Training modules promote:

  • Leadership
  • Participation
  • Critical & independent thinking skills
  • Tolerance
  • Independent learning