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Future Plans

We aim to create a snow ball effect whereby the program is adopted by various people through different expansion models to deliver the aims and goals of the program.

Horizontal Expansion

 The target of SLP is to literate 25 million illiterate kids in Pakistan, starting from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. After the successful completion of the pilot project, we shall roll out the program. In this respect 10 centers will be established in Rawalpindi within the year 2013.

Implementation Models


The program model can be supported and /or adopted by individuals or group of individuals and organizations both. Either way you will be provided full support by Vision21 SLP team.

Voluntary Implementation

Individuals, group of individuals or organizations can take the responsibility of implementing the program with the help and guidance of SLP team, following the model program.

Paid Implementation

Anyone can adopt and sponsor SLP program for any number of children in any part of Pakistan.

General Donation for the program

Specific donation for a particular group

Pay yourself for the implementation of SLP Model group

Donors and supporters are encouraged to join hands with us to roll out the program across all corners of Pakistan.  The model of Speed Literacy can be adopted by anyone.


Vertical Expansion

 SLP Advance Level

At the end of one year the students go into the advance program which is an extension of the SLP basic. The advance program focuses on further developing the proficiency in Language, knowledge and practical skills.


Language Stream will focus on further developing the skills of the literacy in English and Urdu so the Students get fluent in their reading and writing skills to higher levels to express their ideas with confidence

Knowledge stream will focus on the knowledge building regarding the life sciences, social sciences and environmental sciences

In the Life skills stream students will be trained in various vocational fields along with given entrepreneurial skills and training  with their education

At the end of the first year of the advance program students will have an option, to choose between Knowledge stream and Life skills stream. However to go for the life skills stream students must be 16 year plus of age.

Vision 21 is actively negotiating for seeking microfinance loans for those young entrepreneurs who want to set up their business at the end of their advanced training.




Targets of SLP Advance

  •  Reading Ability in Urdu equivalent to Graduate level
  • Reading Ability in English equivalent to O level/Metric
  • Knowledge ability equivalent to Metric
  • Conversational English