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Donate to SLP

Individuals can donate money to support the program and help to expand it.  Donations can be given      generally for the program as well as for the specific location group.

Start a Program

Donate a Learning Resource

If you want to help the kids learn and know about amazing things and concepts you may donate any resources of learning to them

Donate the space to start the Group

Sponsor a Group

Sponsor a Student

Become a Teacher

If you have the ability and passion to share the goal of Speed Literacy then join us to start a group

Become an SLP Ambassador

Start changing the world with likeminded people sharing the goal of making Pakistan literate and strive for a better life. Reach us at

–         Identify the pockets of illiteracy at local levels

–         Work with SLP team to establish the SLP groups

–         Spread the message

If you are a professional in any field of life and can inspire the children to learn and grow then let us know to arrange a meeting withSLP students.