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  • A Unique Solution for Illiteracy in Pakistan

    Speed Literacy Program [SLP] is a unique program that aims to teach the illiterate children. The students achieve literacy levels of Primary to Middle grade levels within a period of one year. Our Free-for-Children program is aimed at developing Pakistan's human capital, and taking children back to school, using a cost effective system that is easy, fun to learn, and delivers results.

SLP can be used to literate those who have missed the boat and may never go back to school. Shorter versions of the program can enhance the capabilities of slow learners as well as provide Adult Literacy.

Our Vision is to teach an illiterate child of 9 to 16 year of age to be able to read and write to grade 5 to 8 and to be able to do simple basic maths  in one year

This will allow these children to be inducted back into education system if they so desire. We want to get 25 million children back to school by bringing them to the required level of literacy within six months. To create an alumni who can then be guided and goaded into doing further things in life To enable children, by instilling self belief in them, for reaching for higher goals in life.

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Literacy is the foundation stone for education. If one has achieved basic literacy skills providing education and skills become an easy task.

Literacy also enables a person to share their ideas and thoughts and be able to learn other people’s ideas and thoughts. Literacy allows one to know what is going on in the world much more effectively. To fight for their rights and know the difference between right and wrong and choose for themselves. A literate nation is a successful nation.

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Pakistan’s ranking in public spending on education is the lowest in the region and continues to be poor due to poor budget allocation.

Illiteracy prevalent amongst girls. Communities of rural areas, and the members of poor households amongst the worst hit. Our plan is an effort to diminish the huge disparity of opportunity and access to literacy between the children of privileged and the underprivileged classes in Pakistan.

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